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Brand: GiroDisc
UPC: A2-208
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GiroDisc 2017+ Tesla Model 3, Y Performance Slotted Rear Rotors

Product Details GiroDisc 2017+ Tesla Model 3, Y Performance Slotted Rear Rotors

The Girodisc system serves as a direct replacement for the OE disc, requiring no modifications as it bolts directly to the car and works seamlessly with OE calipers. By opting for these lightweight high-performance replacements instead of a big brake kit, one can maintain factory bias and ABS efficiency while enjoying benefits such as reduced rotational weight (e.g., Girodisc rear rotors are approx 8.1 lbs. lighter per rotor than stock units), resulting in enhanced acceleration and suspension response.

The central hat section of the rotor is constructed from U.S.-sourced 6061-T6 aircraft specification aluminum, while the disc itself is made from Girodisc's proprietary cast iron, poured and machined entirely in-house. With a curved vane design, the rotor acts as a centrifugal pump to facilitate cooling airflow.

The floating mount system incorporates 10 high-strength alloy steel drive pins, specifically manufactured by Girodisc to their own specifications, providing durability and corrosion resistance. These pins effectively handle braking forces while allowing axial and radial float between the hat and disc. Secured by class 12.9 cap screws with hardened washers, the pins remain noise-free during cold operation, thanks to anti-noise spring washers on the rotor side.

Once the Girodisc system is in place, simply replace the cast iron rotor when needed.

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