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SeaSucker Recovery Mounts – Boards & Jacks

Product Details SeaSucker Recovery Mounts - Boards & Jacks

For those who frequently find themselves in sand or mud and need a secure way to mount their recovery boards or jack, SeaSucker's Recovery Mounts are an ideal solution. The mounts feature a bolt that can be threaded through a slot on the recovery boards or holes on the jack and locked in place with an anodized aluminum knob. With the help of powerful 4.5" SeaSucker vacuum mounts, these mounts can be easily attached to a truck without drilling into the sheet metal. Each set comes with four Recovery Mounts, allowing for various mounting configurations.

Additional Specifications:

  • Anodized aluminum bolting hardware
  • Back deck is made of super durable HDPE
  • Each individual mount is powered by a powerful 120lb pull-strength rated 4.5" vacuum mount
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