Welcome to EV Universe!

June 07, 2022
EV Universe
EV Universe

Welcome to EV Universe! We are an online marketplace dedicated to the buying and selling of electric vehicles. Our goal is to make buying and selling electric cars easy for anyone.



EV Universe is unique to the electric car industry. We focus exclusively on electric vehicles with no internal combustion engine (I.C.E.) or hybrid vehicle listings.


On our site, you can also find educational content and buying guides tailored for new electric vehicle owners. As more people switch from I.C.E. to electric cars, EV Universe takes the guesswork out of the buying and selling process.


Browse your perfect EV and become part of the EV revolution! Explore


With hundreds of electric vehicles slated to hit the market in the next 2-4 years, there will be an avalanche of information to decipher.


“We are trying to take the fear out of buying electric vehicles. For many, buying their first electric car is intimidating. We want to remove that fear.” — Mike Dull, President at EV Universe


“I had to do hours upon hours of research before I bought my first EV. Many people are interested in switching to an electric vehicle. But they aren’t sure what vehicles are available, where to get them, and what chargers they need. EV Universe makes this research process easier than ever before.” — Bryant Kolle, Board Member and advisor at EV Universe


Browse through our listings of electric cars for sale, register to sell your EV in our marketplace, or plug in for educational content. Welcome to EV Universe. We look forward to helping you on your electric vehicle journey!