Biden Admin Allocates $1.7 Billion for Zero-Emission Buses

June 26, 2023
EV Universe
EV Universe

A Significant Move Towards Zero-Emission Buses Boosts American Infrastructure and Job Market


The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has announced 130 funding awards totaling $1.7 billion. These awards aim to promote greener transportation by supporting transit projects in 46 states and territories. Transit agencies will procure over 1,700 American-made buses, with about half being zero-emission models. This initiative effectively doubles the number of environmentally friendly transit buses on U.S. roads.


Investing in the American Workforce for a Green Future

The Biden-Harris Administration’s funding focuses on transforming transit and supporting American workers. Workforce programs will retrain mechanics to become technicians for electric motors, advancing a greener economy. This funding is a key component of Biden’s Investing in America agenda, aiming to rebuild infrastructure and foster a manufacturing and innovation boom.


U.S. Transportation Secretary’s Take on the Investment

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg supports the significant investment in greener transport. Zero-Emission buses will increase, pollution will decrease, and new job opportunities will emerge. This investment improves daily commutes for families across the country.


An Extension of Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

The funding is an extension of Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which has already invested over $3.3 billion in American transit buses and supporting infrastructure. Over the next three years, it will provide nearly $5 billion more, underscoring the commitment to American transit.


FTA Administrator’s Statement on the Funding

FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez applauds the funding initiative, as it leads to cleaner, more modern transportation for all Americans. Underserved regions are specifically targeted to ensure equitable access to improved transportation.


Zero-Emission Buses: Federal Support’s Positive Impact on Climate Goals

Federal support has been crucial for bus projects in achieving climate goals. Tucson’s Sun Tran incorporated five electric buses with an FTA grant, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 230,000 pounds annually.


Key Projects Selected for FY 2023 Funding

FY 2023 funding will support significant projects. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority will convert its bus garage to a fully electric facility, purchasing approximately 100 battery-electric buses. King County Metro Transit in Seattle will acquire around 30 battery-electric buses and charging equipment with granted funds. Additionally, the Ohio Department of Transportation will assist ten transit agencies in procuring low- or no-emission buses, replacing older vehicles, and expanding their fleets.


Support from FTA’s Grant Programs

Two major FTA initiatives, the Buses and Bus Facilities program and the Low- and No-Emission Vehicle programs, will support the projects. These programs provide federal funding for purchasing and rehabilitating buses, vans, and modernizing bus facilities. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has allocated nearly $2 billion through FY 2026 for these programs.


Zero-Emission Buses: An Important Step Forward

In conclusion, the recent funding from the Biden-Harris Administration demonstrates a strong commitment to greener transportation and job growth. Investment in zero-emission buses and retraining the American workforce is a crucial step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.


For more information, please visit the official press release.



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