CAMP365 Unveils the T Model: A Modular Camper Designed for EV-Trucks Like the Rivian R1T, Ford Lightning, and Tesla Cybertruck

October 04, 2023
EV Universe
EV Universe

Setting the Stage for a Revolution in Outdoor Living



Minneapolis, Minn. — Sept. 20, 2023 — Camping has been synonymous with the great outdoors for as long as we can remember. Now, CAMP365 is redefining this timeless experience with the launch of its brand-new T Model, a modular camper specifically designed to fit the burgeoning market of electric trucks like the Rivian R1T, Ford Lightning, Tesla Cybertruck, and other mid-size pickups.


Kevin McGregor, CEO of CAMP365, enthusiastically stated, “We’re proud to release a new and innovative solution for the EV- truck category. The T Model is a extension of our current award winning towable line , just without the wheels, axle, suspension and hitch post. The truck bed model is so similar in design it will be assembled in the same production line as our towable models.”


Below we’ll share what makes this camper a game-changer for electric truck owners and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


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CAMP365 T Model: A Seamless Fit for Electric Trucks

What sets the T Model apart is its flawless integration with electric trucks. Crafted in the USA, this innovative camper perfectly complements the unique design aspects of electric pickups, and measures 4′ x 7′ in a truck bed. The model looks to be compatible with most half-ton pickups, so you shouldn’t be limited by brand. Additionally, it’s aerodynamically designed to minimize air drag, thereby conserving energy as you journey to your favorite camping spots. Because of these attributes, we at EV Universe have reserved the first T Model for our Rivian R1T (or Cybertruck…. if our supposed place in line still holds true).   We plan on doing a full review and test of the Camp365 T Model so stay tuned!


CAMP365 T Model Lightning EVU


CAMP365 T Model: Quick to Set Up, Comfortable to Live In

If this new truck bed camper is anything like the award winning tow behind model, which we expect it will, it will allow for an easier and more enjoyable camping experience.  For example, the setup. Once you arrive at your destination, setting up the T Model should be a breeze, transforming in minutes into a 63-square-foot living space that can sleep 4-5 people. The interior comes fully loaded with modern-day amenities for an off-grid getaway, from a 24-gallon fresh, filtered water to an induction cooktop. Plus, with its patented dual-layer air gap insulation should work great with its climate controlled electric heating & AC


CAMP365 T Model spacious interior EVU


The Nitty-Gritty: Features and Specifications


  • Spacious 9′ x 7′ cabin with 6’8″ headroom
  • Aerodynamic design minimizes EV range loss
  • Lightweight (700-800 lbs depending on options)
  • Garage-friendly: Fits snugly in a corner, occupying only 4′ width


  • Sleeps up to 4 adults, 5 with kids, or even 8 with your furry family members
  • Offers folding queen, twin, or bunk comfort system
  • Outdoor hammocks for leisurely naps in the shade

Amenities and Utilities

  • Hot water shower, sink, and faucet
  • 24-gallon freshwater system or a split 12-gallon fresh and 12-gallon grey system
  • Portable toilet and a 12v hot water heater
  • Cooking and food prep facilities, both internal and external
  • Large lockable storage for gear

Connectivity and Power

  • Equipped with dimmable LED lights, multiple USB charging ports, and DC & 110 outlets
  • Solar-ready and comes with Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Integrated Starlink satellite ensures high-speed internet connectivity, boosted further with a Wi-Fi booster


Secure Your Camp365 T Model Today! Reserve Now

Terms and conditions apply. See disclaimer below for details.


CAMP365 T Model: Easy Storage and Portability

The T Model should detach effortlessly from your truck when not in use (we are being told one person and less than 10 minutes) and fits conveniently into a corner of your garage, thanks to its patented (and in current production) easy-on/easy-off system. Additionally, its narrow design should allow you to navigate standard drive-throughs and parking garages with relative ease.


CAMP365 T Model Detachable EVU


CAMP365 T Model: Reserve Yours Today and use COUPON CODE: EVUNIVERSE for $250 off your final build

If you are looking to experiencing the  T Model camper, CAMP365 is now accepting a fully refundable $100 deposit for reservations. With a starting price of $25,000 production kicks off by summer 2024, and as it draws closer, you’ll have the chance to configure your camper to meet your individual camping needs. If you need a camper sooner, place an order for a tow behind model that features many of the same features as the upcoming truck bed model.


CAMP365 T Model: In Conclusion

The CAMP365 T Model doesn’t just serve as another camper; it stands as a visionary statement about the future of sustainable, comfortable outdoor living. If you own a Rivian R1T, Ford Lightning, or are patiently awaiting the Tesla Cybertruck, the T Model seamlessly transforms your electric truck into an all-encompassing lifestyle vehicle.


For more information on the CAMP365 T Model, visit their website. To put down a deposit and reserve yours, visit CAMP365’s Reservation Form.  Don’t forget to use coupon code: EVUNIVERSE for $250 off your final build. 


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Images Courtesy of CAMP365


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