CEO Mike Dull Interviewed on Climate Changers

December 20, 2022
EV Universe
EV Universe

Hey everyone! Mike Dull here, CEO of EV Universe. Recently I had the good fortune of being interviewed by Ryan Flahive on his Climate Changers podcast. He focuses on interviewing thought leaders that are taking steps to addressing climate change. If you haven’t listened to Climate Changers before, I recommend you check it out here.


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Ryan and I covered a variety of topics related to EVs and climate change during this 20-minute episode. A few of those include:


  • What drives most people to make the jump from gas-powered vehicles to electric cars
  • Common questions and misconceptions the general public has about EVs
  • Big changes coming in the electric car industry in the near future
  • New electric vehicle models hitting the market that have us excited
  • And a lot more!


Click on the play button below for this Climate Changers podcast episode:



Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to check out our podcast too: Plug In For More!

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