Does Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Transfer?

August 07, 2023
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EV Universe

Does Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Transfer to a new owner? That has and is a significant question. Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) has been a breakthrough, if not controversial in automotive technology. Yet it raises critical questions around transferability and ownership. As such, the notion of transferring Tesla’s FSD to a new owner is complicated. There are various options are available to those looking to buy or sell a used Tesla with FSD. In our article, we’ll explore these aspects, taking into account the unique characteristics of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system. We’ll take a look when it may or may not transfer with owner-to-owner sales, specialized EV dealerships, and more. In addition, we’ll explore the enhanced autopilot (EAP) as that recently came back as an offering.


Where Can I Find a Used Tesla with Full Self-Driving (FSD)?

Owner to Owner Sales

There are three main markets where you can buy or sell a used Tesla with Full Self-Driving or Enhanced Autopilot included: Tesla’s Used Inventory, dealership sales, and private listings. Owner-to-owner, i.e. private sales have emerged as the most effective method to ensure Full Self-Driving transferability.


Safety of FSD is always in the news and Tesla has it’s say too. Tesla in its 2022 Impact Report, Tesla reported that FSD Beta users have a crash rate of 0.31 accidents per 1 million miles. Significantly lower than the national average of 1.53 accidents per 1 million miles. Additionally, Teslas with Autopilot engaged have an even lower crash rate of 0.18 accidents per 1 million miles.


Full Self-Driving in the Tesla Used Inventory

While there’s a suggestion that Tesla adds value to a trade-in with FSD, evidence is lacking. One X user has been noted as receiving a “valuation” of $3,900 during a trade-in but there hasn’t been much else to go on directly from Tesla on trade-in value. Being software, Tesla can enable FSD when it wants and many used vehicles they list come with either Enhanced AutoPilot or FSD.


Specialty Dealership Sales

Dealers that specialize in electric vehicles, especially Teslas are available to assist in buying or selling a Tesla with FSD. They report less issues with FSD transfer and are confident in its transferability, recognizing its value, even if decreased from buying new.


Private Owner Listings with Transferable FSD

Private listings are typically the best option for buyers and sellers of used Teslas with Full Self-Driving. Traditional online listing sites may be less equipped to handle specific Tesla features like FSD, leading to confusion and misrepresentation. This highlights the importance of accurate listing and understanding of FSD versus Enhanced Autopilot or base Autopilot. This FSD transferability scenario is critical because it represents one of the most expensive software options available today.


Does Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Transfer? Considerations for Owner-to-Owner Sales

Owner-to-owner sales have become a favored way to ensure FSD transferability. Let’s explore the facets that make this method stand out.


Transferability: A Crucial Aspect

When buying or selling a Tesla with FSD included, ensuring that the feature is transferable is paramount. This is where private listings have often excelled, providing a platform where buyers and sellers can directly negotiate the terms, including FSD transfer.


The Challenge of Inaccurate Listings

The surge in demand for Teslas with FSD has led to a proliferation of listings, some of which may not accurately represent the vehicle’s features. Inaccurate labeling of FSD as EAP or base Autopilot has created confusion, and the onus often falls on the buyer to verify the specifics. Given the cost and value, it is paramount to make sure you understand when and how to successfully transfer FSD or EAP.


Specialty Dealership Sales: An Emerging Trend

EV Specialized dealerships or those with a focus on Teslas have come to the forefront in facilitating FSD transfer.


Understanding FSD Transferability

These dealerships have consistently shown confidence in handling FSD transfers, understanding the intrinsic value of the software during buying or selling transactions. For instance, a staff member of EV Universe purchased a used 2017 Tesla Model X in 2019. This vehicle came with Enhanced Autopilot enabled. However, back then, Tesla’s policies on the transferability of FSD or EAP were not crystal clear. Consequently, there were numerous accounts of vehicles losing their FSD/EAP features after passing through auctions. This ambiguity led to some tense situations among dealers. Many expected the software to remain enabled, but were surprised when it didn’t. Admittedly, the situation was less than ideal. Fortunately, today, there’s much more clarity surrounding the issue, making it easier to determine when the software will transfer and when it won’t.


The Trade-in Scenario

Although there’s a lack of evidence that Tesla adds value to a trade-in with FSD, it’s clear that Tesla does not allow you to sell back your FSD package. This aspect has sparked discussions on how various marketplaces value FSD.


Full Self-Driving Capability Transfers: A Closer Look

The question, “Does Full Self-Driving (FSD) Transfer to a New Owner?” is on the minds of many Tesla owners. Interestingly, as of July 2023, Tesla has sold over 1.5 million vehicles in North America, and roughly 19% of customers have opted for FSD. Back in October 2020, Tesla started a Full Self-Driving (FSD) capability beta program in the United States. As of February 2023, Tesla had about 360,000 participants in this program. Here we’ll go into the details of the transfer process and the associated requirements.


Special Transfer Offer and Impressive Stats

From July 20, 2023, to September 30, 2023, Tesla has made a unique offer to customers, allowing them to transfer FSD capability from their current vehicle to a new one. Previously, FSD was only transferable to a new Tesla vehicle if the original vehicle was totaled, marking a significant change. Tesla sent out emails regarding the transfer in the image below:


tesla fsd capability email EVU


This shift in policy may be related to the upcoming project highland, the code name for the newest Model 3 refresh. Encouraging those in the market to make the switch sooner rather than later. This is pure speculation as only Tesla knows for sure on why the limited time offer to transfer FSD.


If you proceed with the order for the FSD transfer, you will receive a transfer acknowledgement that you need to review and sign..


tesla fsd acknowledgement EVU



To qualify for this offer, specific eligibility requirements must be met:


  • Delivery of the new Tesla must occur within the specified dates.
  • The new Tesla must be configured with FSD capability.
  • The applicant must be the legal owner and registrant of the current vehicle with FSD.
  • Both the current and new vehicle must be on the same Tesla Account.
  • Agreement to all additional terms and conditions.


Restrictions and Clarifications


  • FSD capability can only be transferred once during the offer period.
  • The FSD capability will remain with the new vehicle if sold.
  • The transfer cannot be reversed.
  • Leased vehicles and vehicles used for commercial purposes are not eligible.
  • A guarantee of FSD capability transfer is not offered if the new vehicle is not delivered by September 30, 2023.
  • FSD capability cannot be transferred to another account.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These aspects can create questions and concerns. Here are answers to some common queries:

Can I transfer FSD capability to my existing order if I have not taken delivery? Yes, provided the delivery occurs within the specified dates.

Do I need to purchase FSD capability for my new Tesla vehicle? Yes, they will discount the cost from the final payment.

How long are FSD capability transfers available? Only until September 30, 2023.

Can I transfer FSD capability from my leased vehicle? No, leased vehicles are not eligible.

If I trade in my current Tesla, does FSD capability affect the trade-in value? Indeed, they value the trade-in vehicle as having only basic Autopilot. This is because they remove the FSD capability and transfer it to the new vehicle.



Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature is a big step forward in cars, but the question “Does Full Self-Driving (FSD) Transfer to a new owner?” isn’t easy to answer.


Tesla has a special offer for a limited time that lets people transfer their FSD to another car they own. But this offer has rules that need careful reading.


If you’re not in the time frame for the offer, or if you’re looking to buy a used Tesla with FSD, there are different ways to go about it. You can look at Tesla’s used cars, specialized dealerships, or private sales. Each of these ways has good and bad points, and understanding them can take some work.


Technology is always changing, and the same goes for self-driving tech. Knowing all the details of Full Self-Driving, from how to buy it to how to transfer it, is really important. This is true whether you’re selling directly to another person, using a dealership, or buying from Tesla’s used cars.


Right now, whether or not you can transfer FSD depends on many things. And as Tesla keeps making new things, this could change again. If you’re thinking about buying or selling a Tesla with FSD, you’ll need to look closely at the market. Then be ready for a special offer that might come up.


(Note: The information presented is subject to change, and readers are advised to consult the official Tesla guidelines and local regulations related to FSD transfer and ownership.)


Featured Image Courtesy of Tesla, Inc



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