Genesis Electrified G80 Checklist


Genesis G80 Checklist


The Genesis Electrified G80 is a luxury electric sedan that boasts a spacious interior and a powerful electric engine, marking its presence as a premium electric vehicle in the automotive industry. This Genesis Electrified G80 checklist will guide you through your buying experience.


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(A) Genesis Electrified G80 Checklist: Pre-Pickup Items

1. Check all dealership paperwork for the correct name and address for all buyers.
2. Confirm the actual vehicle’s VIN matches all of your paperwork.
3. Verify that the vehicle’s body color, interior, options, and wheels match what you configured.
4. Bring proof of down payment having been made if sent before, and the final payment, if required.
5. Bring a printed insurance card if possible, if not, bring a digital copy.
6. Download the Genesis Intelligent Assistant App.

(B) Genesis Electrified G80 Checklist: Exterior Inspection

1. Inspect body exterior paint for defects.
2. Inspect under the car for signs of damage or scratches from test drives or transport.
3. Check along all body panels for gaps or misalignment, especially the trunk gap, charge port door, passenger side door/quarter panel alignment.
4. Inspect wheel rims for damage, and all 4-valve stem covers on tires.
5. Inspect all glass. It should look clear with no damage.
6. Check for proper windshield trim installation.
7. Test all doors to ensure they open and close easily.
8. Check all exterior lights for condensation.
9. Inspect the all-weather seals around door gaps and windows for damage and fitment.
10. Test forward and backward functionality with the key fob, such as smart park assist if equipped.
11. Test opening the trunk and unlocking doors with the key fob.

(C) Genesis Electrified G80 Checklist: In The Driver’s Seat

1. Verify the vehicle is charged to 100% if required for travel to the home destination.
2. Set driver profile and seat memory system.
3. Check for any error messages on the display screen.
4. Make sure the latest system software updates are installed by checking for updates on the system screen.
5. Navigate to the charging station waypoints by pressing EV and make sure they load properly.
6. Test the wireless phone charger.
7. Check each window operation for speed and any noises.
8. Make sure heat and air conditioning work at full power.
9. Make sure heated seats, steering wheel, and vented seats work if equipped.
10. Test the sound system to ensure all speakers are working, especially the amp.
11. Test steering wheel repositioning.
12. Test the vehicle’s horn.
13. Check the windshield for a distorted view.
14. Test the windshield wipers.
15. Test the rearview camera.
16. Test the turn signal cameras.
17. Check side mirrors folding and positioning operation.
18. Check sun-visor operation and mirror condition.
19. Check the rearview mirror for clarity.
20. Understand the different drive modes and how to switch between them.
21. Understand the different regen modes and how the paddle shifters work.
22. Test navigation and voice command.

(D) Genesis Electrified G80 Checklist: Interior Inspection

1. Inspect interior upholstery and all surfaces for damage or issues with build.
2. Check the windshield and windows for cracks, chips, or distortion.
3. Check all seat belts for proper operation and condition.
4. Check seats for noises – check all directions of adjustment.
5. Check that the rear seats fold down properly.
6. Test the back seat to ensure it is securely attached by pulling upwards.

(E) Genesis Electrified G80 Checklist: Connectivity Inspection

1. Test connectivity in USB ports – there are 2 USB-A/1 USB-C in the front of the car and 2 USB-As in the rear passenger area.
2. Check if the 12-volt DC receptacle has power.
3. Test connectivity of the wireless phone charger.
4. Test music streaming and phone streaming, ensuring the Sirius trial is activated.
5. Test key fobs’ operation.
6. Pair your smartphone to your vehicle via Bluetooth.

(F) Genesis Electrified G80 Checklist: Lighting Inspection

1. Check vanity mirror lights and front lights.
2. Check the dome light.
3. Check driver and passenger door puddle lights.
4. Inspect and check all door lights, including latch and window button.
5. Check steering wheel control lights.
6. Check glovebox operation, including the light.
7. Check trunk lights.
8. Test the headlights (low and high beam).
9. Check the front and rear turn signal lights.
10. Check the rear wing/quarter panel puddle light.
11. Check the brake lights.

(G) Genesis Electrified G80 Checklist: Inspect Charging Ability

1. Check that the charge port door opens and latches correctly.
2. Check the charge port indicator light.
3. Test the charger on-site.
4. Test at Level 2 and Level 3 charger if available.

(H) Genesis Electrified G80 Checklist: App Setup And Final Items

1. Sync the Genesis Intelligent Assistant App to the vehicle.
2. If there are more than one driver, add them to the driver profile on the app and on the vehicle.
3. Set up the Verizon Wireless hotspot trial and connect your phone to it.
4. Verify any additional items that were specified as being included with the purchase.


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