EV Truck Comparison: Ford F-150 Lightning vs. Rivian R1T vs. Hummer EV

November 16, 2022
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As electric sedans and crossovers took the spotlight, the electric truck market laid dormant for many years. After much anticipation, electrification has reached the truck segment with new and old faces in the ring. Today, the Ford F-150 Lighting, Rivian R1T, and Hummer EV shine with the Tesla Cybertruck and Chevy Silverado EV on the horizon. Learn more about some of these available makes and models below in our EV Truck Comparison: Ford F-150 Lightning vs. Rivian R1T vs. Hummer EV.


EV Truck Comparison Summary EVU


EV Truck Comparison: Prices

With unrecognized terminology and new packages, finding the best electric truck among the three available today can be confusing. While the three remain similar, their prices differ drastically.


The Ford F-150 Lightning is by far and away the most affordable EV truck option, with the Pro trim beginning at just $46,974. As it is intended for commercial use, this trim comes bare bones, doing away with many options. However, when stepping up to the more palatable XLT trim level, the F-150 Lightning still starts at a reasonable $59,474. The price can quickly climb when opting for a larger battery and more features with a higher trim. The most expensive trim, the Platinum, starts at $96,874.


Following the F-150 Lighting is the Rivian R1T, currently only available in its Adventure trim. With a dual motor and a Standard Battery Pack, the Rivian R1T starts at $73,000. Upgrading to a Large Pack adds $6,000, while the max pack adds $16,000. When opting for the more performance-oriented quad-motor configuration, expect to add $8,000. All-in-all, the most expensive power train configuration for the Rivian R1T sits at $97,000.


To round out our EV truck comparison by cost, the Hummer EV price is by far the highest. If you were lucky enough to get a Launch Edition, you would have paid a starting price of $110,295. The currently available Hummer EV3X starts at $104,650. Its base variant, the EV2, will start at $84,650 but won’t be available until Spring 2024.



FORD price RIVIAN price HUMMER price
Pro $46,974 (Std. Only) Dual Motor Std $73,000 EV2 $84,650
XLT $59,474 – $80,974 Dual Motor Large $79,000 EV2x $94,650
Lariat $74,474 – $85,974 Dual Motor Max $89,000 EV3x $104,650
Platinum $96,874 (Ext. Only) Quad Motor Large $87,000 Launch $110,295
Quad Motor Max $97,000



Winner: Ford F-150 Lightning

With Ford’s mass-market target, it’s hard to ignore the price discrepancy.


EV Truck Comparison Ford F-150 Lightning EVU


EV Truck Comparison: Range

Range is a key specification for anyone doing an EV truck comparison. While battery technology has rapidly improved throughout the years, there is still a great variety in range between electric trucks.


For those looking for the most range, the Rivian R1T will go without compromise. Equipped with the Max Battery Pack, Rivian promises a range of over 400 miles regardless of configuration. The Large Pack offers 314 miles for the quad-motor and over 320 miles for the dual-motor. When opting for the base dual-motor Standard Battery configuration, you can achieve just over 260 miles.


Considering its premium price, Hummer EV leaves more to be desired. Both the EV3x and EV2x are promising over 300 miles of range, with the upcoming base EV2 trim aiming for 250+ miles.


The base F-150 Lightning with a Standard Battery Pack might be the most affordable option. However, it also boasts the lowest range of the bunch, with 230 miles offered. If optioned with the Extended Battery, the range reaches 320 miles in the XLT and Lariat and 300 miles for the top-end Platinum.


Regardless of which EV truck you choose, they will provide more than enough range for the average daily drive. However, the total range can drop significantly if you plan to tow, so getting an EV truck with the greatest range may be beneficial.



FORD range (mi.) RIVIAN range (mi.) HUMMER range (mi.)
Standard Battery 230+ Dual Motor Std 260+ EV2 250+
Extended Battery 320+ Dual Motor Large 320+ EV2x 300+
Dual Motor Max 400+ EV3x 300+
Quad Motor Large 310+ Launch 320+
Quad Motor Max 400+



Winner: Rivian R1T

If you require the most possible range from the bunch, it’s hard to argue against the Rivian R1T and a variety of options to match your needs.


EV Truck Comparison Rivian R1T EVU

File:Debut of the Rivian R1T pickup at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, November 27, 2018.jpg” by Richard Truesdell is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.



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EV Truck Comparison: Charge Rate

Going hand-in-hand with range is an EV’s charge rate. This spec may not be as important if you can charge your electric truck at home every night. However, a faster charging electric truck will be essential for those needing to make frequent stops to charge. Therefore, charge rate often plays a key role in an EV truck comparison.


The Hummer EV offers the highest capabilities, using 350 kW charging, the fastest charge rate currently available. Hummer notes that you can expect to gain 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes while using these high-powered chargers. However, their availability is limited.


Rivian claims you can expect about 140 miles of range in just 20 minutes while using 200 kW chargers. The company notes the ability to increase the charge rate in the future via over-the-air software updates.


Due to their smaller batteries, Ford’s capabilities do not go beyond 150 kW. Still, Ford claims that you can expect around 50 miles of range within 10 minutes of charging.


Winner: Hummer EV

With a future-proofed charge rate, daily driving a Hummer EV leads the pack on electric truck range.


EV Truck Comparison: Towing

Towing capabilities are where a truck shows its muscle. If you intend to tow often with your electric truck, then your EV truck comparison must include this factor.


If you value having the highest towing capacity available, the Rivian R1T offers an impressive 11,000 lb. capacity.


The maximum towing capacity for the F-150 Lighting is 10,000 lbs when opting for the Extended Battery and available towing package. With the optional Towing Technology Package, the suite of helpful features found on the gas-powered F-150 are made available. With extra cameras and reverse assist, this package will help both experienced drivers and those new to towing.


While not noted, we can assume the Hummer EV3X will have a similar towing capacity to the Launch Edition at 7,500 lbs. Hummer does not list any towing capacities for their EV2X and EV2 trims.


Whether you need the absolute maximum capacity or some extra bells and whistles, both the Ford and Rivian will act as competent towing vehicles.



FORD* weight (lb.) RIVIAN weight (lb.) HUMMER weight (lb.)
Standard Battery 5,000 – 7,700 Configuration Not Mentioned 11,000 EV2 Unknown
Extended Battery 7,700 – 10,000 EV2x Unknown
Platinum 8,500 EV3x 7,500
Launch 7,500

* with towing package



Tie: Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T

Despite the slightly lower towing capacity, the Ford F-150 Lightning may still be the better choice for frequent towers given the options available. That said, you can’t go wrong with the Rivian R1T either.


EV Truck Comparison: Size & Truck Bed

While the Rivian R1T and Hummer EV occupy roughly the same footprint, the F-150 is significantly longer than both, boasting a wheelbase about 10 inches longer and an overall length about 15 inches longer. However, the Hummer EV maintains an imposing stature and is noticeably wider than the Rivian and Ford.


The F-150 Lightning uses its greater length to offer the largest truck bed of the three. While the F-150 is equipped with a five-and-a-half-foot bed, the Hummer comes equipped with a five-foot bed and the Rivian with a four-and-a-half-foot bed.


The Rivian makes up for its smaller storage capacity by offering its proprietary gear tunnel, providing an extra 11.7 cubic feet of space. This enclosure is found in the front of the rear wheels and travels across the truck’s body. Its frunk also adds around 11 cubic feet of space to the total m. The Hummer features a similar-sized frunk but no gear tunnel. The frunk offered on the Ford is a little larger at about 14 cubic feet.


Regarding payload capacities, the F-150 leads with 2,235 lbs on the Standard Battery and 1,952 lbs on the Extended Battery. The R1T follows with a 1,760 lbs capacity, and then the Hummer with a 1,300 lbs capacity.



WB 145.5″ 135.8″ 135.6″
Length 232.7″ 217.1″ 216.8″
Width 83.6″ 81.8″ 86.7″
Bed 5.5 ft. 4.5 ft. 5 ft.
Payload 2,235 / 1,952 lb. 1,760 lb. 1,300 lb.
Frunk 14.1 cu. ft. 11.1 cu. ft. 11.3 cu. ft.



Winner: Ford F-150 Lightning

Built as a true work truck, the Ford F-150 Lighting offers the most utility of the three in an EV truck comparison of size and truck bed.


EV Truck Comparison: Interior

All three electric trucks are capable of seating five people and provide a comparable amount of space. Rear seat passengers will find the F-150 Lightning the most comfortable thanks to its generous head and legroom, essentially matching the space allotted for the front passengers.


If you’re seeking the most comfortable driving experience, the Hummer EV offers both the most head and legroom of the three. Regardless of your choice, you won’t feel cramped in the spacious interiors that trucks are recognized for.


F-150 Lightning Interior

Since the F-150 Lightning comes with a wide price range, the interior can vary widely from car to car. The basic Pro model comes equipped with vinyl seats and a six-speaker setup. However, as you go up the trim ladder, you can opt-in cloth, leather seats, and an eight- or 18-speaker sound system.


Even on the base model, drivers can expect a 12-inch digital gauge cluster and a 12-inch center touchscreen. The infotainment system is compatible with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, and offers onboard Wi-Fi. An optional 15.5-inch center touchscreen is also available, running Ford’s most up-to-date SYNC4A software. The Lightning lacks the panoramic roof that its competitors offer and replaces it with a moonroof.


Rivian R1T Interior

The R1T interior is the sleekest and most minimalistic of the bunch. The interior makes liberal use of wood trim interwoven with leather to establish a genuinely premium feel.


Almost all buttons are done away with; instead, a large 16-inch touchscreen dominates the center console. The software is responsive and intuitive, allowing for all vehicle tasks, such as adjusting the climate control or folding in the mirrors. The system is compatible with Amazon Alexa with onboard Wi-Fi. To the left of the touchscreen sits a 12-inch digital instrument cluster enhancing the driver’s experience.


Overhead, the R1T offers an enormous panoramic roof, perfect for letting in natural light or taking in the sites. Keeping with the adventuring ethos that Rivian upholds, the interior features a removable Bluetooth speaker and flashlight to easily transition to the campsite.


Hummer EV Interior

The Hummer EV interior does well to present the same bold and imposing feeling as the exterior. The cabin adds to the rugged aesthetic with solid angles and blocky shapes throughout.


In the center sits a 13.4-inch touchscreen over a row of easy-to-reach physical toggle switches. The system is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play and powers a 14-speaker audio system. Additionally, the Hummer EV offers onboard Wi-Fi.


Its most unique feature is its proprietary sky panels. While its ceiling may look like a standard panoramic roof, the four panels can be removed and stored in the frunk to make the Hummer EV into a convertible. The process is relatively simple and can be done on the fly.



Head (front / rear) 40.8″ / 40.4″ 41.1″ / 38.1″ 42.5″ / 38.6″
Leg (front / rear) 43.9″ / 43.6″ 41.4″ / 36.6″ 45.6″ / 38.9″



Winner: Tie


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EV Truck Comparison: Autonomous Driving

Moving forward with the electrification of vehicles is the advancement in autonomous driving. All three of these electric truck models are capable of modern-day functions such as adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking. However, their assisted driving capabilities slightly differ.


While none of these vehicles are capable of full self-driving, each inch closer with over-the-air update capabilities. These systems continue to improve and evolve over the ownership of the car. At the time of this EV truck comparison, Ford’s BlueCruise and Hummer’s SuperCruise outshine the system found in Rivian’s Driver+ package.


Ford and GM make their vehicles capable of hands-free driving on designated highways while monitoring that your eyes stay on the road. As of recent, SuperCruise has over 200,000 miles of highways allowing for hands-free driving, while BlueCruise sits with over 100,000 miles.


Rivian does feature a highway assist, but while it will steer, accelerate, and brake on its own, your hands will still be required on the wheel.


Winner: Hummer EV

With 200,000 miles of pre-mapped highways, SuperCruise will allow for hands-free driving across most of America.


EV Truck Comparison Hummer EVU

GMC Hummer EV” by HJUdall is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


EV Truck Comparison: Upcoming Contenders

The Ford F-150 Lightning vs. Hummer EV vs. Rivian R1T debate is the first of many. If none of these EV trucks fit your needs, plenty more are bound. The next big names to enter the space come from Tesla with the long-awaited Cybertruck and Chevy with the upcoming Silverado EV.


Tesla Cybertruck

With a steel exoskeleton and a polarizing design, the Cybertruck sits as one of the most distinctive cars ever witnessed. Initially intended to debut as the first electric truck available, multiple delays have sent this truck back to a mid-2023 release.


The Cybertruck was unveiled in 2019 with three configurations, a single-, dual-, and tri-motor setup. The single-motor would have started at an attractive $39,900 while offering 250 miles of range. The tri-motor was offered at a $69,900 price with a range of about 500 miles and a towing capacity of 14,000 lbs, making it the best truck available, strictly on paper.


Since the reveal, there have been concerns about finalizing the production design as well as Cybertruck pricing and model availability. As such, it’s hard to give concrete information about the final product until we get closer to its production.


Chevrolet Silverado EV

As with its gasoline counterpart, the Silverado EV will be a direct competitor to the F-150 Lightning. The upcoming electric truck is set to have a wide price range, with its base model starting at around $40,000 and its premium model surpassing $100,000.


The Silverado EV will use many of the next-gen technologies found in the current Hummer EV. The max range is expected to be around 400 miles. Most impressive is that GM is looking to offer a max towing capacity of 20,000 lbs, far exceeding the capabilities of any electric pickup truck available today.


The Silverado EV features sharp looks inside and out, but there is still a long wait as GM won’t begin deliveries until Summer 2024.




We hope you find this EV truck comparison helpful as you look for your next electric truck! Make sure to check back with EV Universe for new EV Profiles and educational content to assist with all your EV needs. We also have a large and growing list of EV parts and accessories to help you on your way.

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