Ford F-150 Lightning First Look

August 10, 2022
EV Universe
EV Universe

You might have seen that our featured EV of the week is the Ford F-150 Lightning. It makes perfect sense to link up with EV Universe’s podcast, Plug In For More! In this episode, the team comes together on a Ford F-150 Lightning first look.


The truck we tried out was the standard range Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat model. It drives like a normal truck, perhaps better with the suspension and weight distribution, with a really smooth ride feel. The F-150 Lightning has excellent range, towing is what you would expect, and trunk storage (the “frunk”) comes with a ton of space.


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The team gets into various topics like:


  • How much better it is to put your groceries in the frunk instead of the truck bed
  • Smooth adaptive cruise control and lane assist features in the F-150 Lightning
  • While orders are probably filled for 2022 already, keep an eye out for new listings


Click on the play button below for this podcast on the F-150 Lightning first look:



Stay tuned for more episodes of Plug In For More!

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