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October 04, 2022
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Welcome to our Kia EV6 EV review!


The Kia EV6 is a highly popular and sought-after electric compact crossover SUV, marking Kia’s entry into the world of dedicated electric vehicles. Built on the state-of-the-art Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) that it shares with the Hyundai Ioniq 5, the EV6 promises exceptional performance, comfort, and sustainability. The E-GMP will also serve as the foundation for a series of other models in the Kia EV line, including the upcoming EV9.


The EV6 made its debut in August 2021 for the 2022 model year and has continued to generate significant buzz and excitement among eco-conscious drivers for the 2023 model year. With its innovative technology and sleek design, the Kia EV6 is a top choice for drivers looking for a cutting-edge electric vehicle that offers both style and substance.


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Kia EV6 Overview



The Kia EV6 is a prime example of the expanding options and capabilities of modern electric vehicles. With impressive features like a longer range and some of the industry’s fastest charging times, the EV6 offers two battery options and drive configurations for rear-wheel-drive (RWD) and all-wheel-drive (AWD).


In addition to its advanced technology, the EV6 boasts striking exterior styling and a sleek interior that sets it apart from other electric vehicles. As consumers continue to prioritize eco-friendliness and sustainability, the Kia EV6 is a top choice for drivers who want to make a statement on the road while enjoying a smooth, efficient ride.


Kia EV6 EVU Hot Take



  • Fastest charging currently on the market… if you can find chargers capable of such speed
  • Multiple driving modes paired with paddle shifters that adjust brake regeneration = FUN!!
  • Well appointed interior with lots of options on the higher trim levels 


  • The frunk is tiny


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Kia EV6 Versions


The Kia EV6 offers drivers an array of options with its three distinct trim levels: Light, Wind and GT-Line. While the Light trim is only available with rear-wheel drive (RWD), the Wind and GT-Line trims offer the choice of RWD or all-wheel drive (AWD). RWD models come equipped with a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery and motor in the rear, while AWD models add another battery/motor in the front for added speed and torque. With an MSRP starting at $42,695 for the Light RWD and ranging up to $57,115 for the GT-Line AWD, there’s an EV6 trim level to suit every budget and driving style.


For most drivers, the AWD Wind trim level is the best choice, as it strikes an excellent balance between features and cost. The added AWD capability can provide additional traction and stability in adverse driving conditions, while the front motor helps to enhance the vehicle’s overall speed and performance. However, drivers seeking maximum performance may want to wait for the new GT trim level, slated to join the EV6 lineup in 2023. With its blend of impressive features, versatility, and style, the Kia EV6 is a top contender in the rapidly expanding market for electric vehicles.


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Kia EV6 Interior


The Kia EV6 boasts a futuristic interior design that’s more adventurous than other Kia models available in 2022. The dual-zone automatic climate control system offers separate temperature controls for both front and rear passengers, while the curved panoramic display provides ample passenger space. The digitized dashboard and controller below the navigation screen allow for easy transition between HVAC and infotainment functions. High-tech options in the interior include an augmented reality (AR) head-up display (HUD) that comes standard on the GT-Line, and a 360-degree camera and remote-controlled parking for the AWD Wind and GT-Line trim levels.


The EV6’s floating center console provides additional storage space, while the touch buttons on the steering wheel offer further customization functionality for the driver. The front bucket seats are heated and feature 8-way power-adjustable position settings for the driver seat, with an Integrated Memory System (IMS) that recalls previous settings. Sustainable materials are used throughout the interior, including the crash pad, door pocket, garnish, mood lighting, and Nappa leather seats.


Passengers will appreciate the flat floor, which offers more foot room due to the lack of a driveshaft. The cargo space behind the back seat measures 28 cubic feet (cf), expanding to 54 cf when the rear seats are folded flat. The front trunk provides additional storage space. The EV6’s combination of advanced technology and eco-friendly features make it a standout choice for drivers seeking both performance and sustainability.


Kia EV6 Exterior


The Kia EV6 is a spacious and well-proportioned electric vehicle with a wheelbase of 114.2 inches, which is as long as Kia’s mid-size Telluride. The vehicle is 184.8 inches in length, 74.4 inches in width (excluding exterior mirrors), and 60.8 inches in height. These dimensions make the EV6’s passenger space unusually roomy for its class, providing ample legroom and headroom for all occupants.


The EV6 boasts a minimum ground clearance of 6.1 inches, which is typical for its class, striking a balance between aerodynamic efficiency and performance on rough terrain, including snow. The Light trim has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3,984 pounds, while all other RWD versions of the EV6 have a GVW of 4.255 pounds. All AWD versions of the EV6 have a GVW of 4,502 pounds.


The suspension system of the EV6 consists of Macpherson struts in the front and multi-linkage suspension in the rear, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Most trim levels of the EV6 come with Continental or Kumho tires, while the GT-Line comes standard with 20-inch 255/45 tires, and all other trims feature 19-inch 235/55 tires.


With its impressive dimensions, comfortable suspension system, and high-quality tires, the Kia EV6 offers a smooth and enjoyable driving experience, making it a top contender in the growing market for electric vehicles.


Kia EV6 Podcast


For electric vehicle enthusiasts and podcast fans alike, the Plug In For More podcast offers a wealth of information and insights on the latest trends and developments in the world of EVs. In a recent episode, Bryant Kolle from the EV Universe team shared his personal experience purchasing a Kia EV6, his very first electric vehicle. He spoke candidly about the initial challenges he faced, including overcoming range anxiety and adjusting to a new way of driving, as well as the many benefits and joys of driving an electric vehicle.


During his road trip, Bryant shared his experiences with charging stations and his impressions of the vehicle’s performance and comfort. This informative and engaging podcast is a must-listen for anyone considering purchasing an electric vehicle, and it offers valuable tips and insights for current EV owners as well. As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow, the Plug In For More podcast provides a valuable resource for drivers seeking to learn more about the benefits and possibilities of this exciting technology.


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Kia EV6 Infotainment


The Kia EV6 boasts an impressive infotainment system that includes a 12.3-inch touchscreen, which serves as an extension of the 12-inch digital gauge cluster. This intuitive touchscreen controls the Audio-Visual Navigation (AVN) 5.0 system and allows for hands-free operation via voice commands, including those for Bluetooth. Over-the-air updates ensure that the system remains up-to-date with the latest features and capabilities.


In addition to its cutting-edge infotainment system, the EV6 also offers a range of connectivity features, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Wi-Fi hotspot, and wireless smartphone charging. The vehicle includes two USB-C ports in the front and two in the rear, as well as a USB-A media port in the front, allowing for easy access to charging and media playback.


The standard sound system on the Light trim features an AM/FM/SiriusXM radio with six speakers, clock, seek/scan, and speed-compensated volume control, which you can control from the steering wheel. For drivers seeking an even more immersive audio experience, the EV6 offers an optional Meridian sound system with 14 speakers, an external amplifier, and subwoofer, which comes standard on all trims above the Light.


With its advanced infotainment and connectivity features, the Kia EV6 offers a top-of-the-line driving experience for tech-savvy drivers who want the latest and greatest in automotive technology.




Kia EV6 Powertrain


The Kia EV6 offers impressive performance capabilities across all its trim levels, making it a standout option in the growing market for electric vehicles. The RWD Light trim comes equipped with a single motor and a 58-kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery in the rear, providing 168 horsepower (hp) and 258 pound-feet (lb⋅ft) of torque. In contrast, the RWD Wind and GT-Line trims use a larger 77.4-kWh battery in the rear, which provides 225 hp and 258 lb⋅ft of torque.


For drivers seeking even greater performance, the AWD Wind and GT-Line trims add a motor in the front, boosting the vehicle’s total horsepower to 320 and torque to 446 lb⋅ft. Looking ahead to 2023, Kia plans to introduce a performance GT version of the EV6 that will generate an impressive 577 hp and 546 lb⋅ft of torque.


Regardless of the trim level, all versions of the EV6 use a direct-drive transmission with a single-speed reduction gear, ensuring smooth and efficient power delivery. With its advanced powertrain and impressive performance capabilities, the Kia EV6 sets a new standard for electric vehicles in terms of both speed and sustainability.


Kia EV6 Performance


The Kia EV6 offers impressive performance capabilities across all its trim levels. Although the top speed of the 2022 models is limited by a governor to 118 mph, the upcoming 2023 GT is expected to reach an estimated top speed of 162 mph, provided it doesn’t have a governor. The EV6 also delivers impressive acceleration times, with a 0 to 62 mph time of 7.3 seconds for the RWD Wind trim, 4.6 seconds for the AWD Wind trim, and an estimated 3.4 seconds for the 2023 GT.


In addition to its impressive acceleration capabilities, the EV6 also delivers strong stopping power, coming to a stop from 70 mph in just 169 feet. The vehicle’s lateral acceleration on a 300-foot skidpad is an impressive 0.86 g, ensuring excellent handling and stability on the road.


Overall, the Kia EV6 offers an unparalleled driving experience, combining impressive performance capabilities with advanced sustainability features and cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re looking for speed, comfort, or eco-friendliness, the EV6 is a top contender in the growing market for electric vehicles.


Kia EV6 Braking


The Kia EV6 features advanced braking technology that combines traditional disc brakes with regenerative braking. The vehicle features 12.8-inch vented disc brakes in the front and 12.8-inch solid disc brakes in the rear, ensuring reliable stopping power when needed. However, the EV6 also utilizes regenerative braking technology to capture mechanical energy and recharge the battery when the driver eases up on the accelerator.


The EV6 offers multiple modes of regenerative braking, which can be selected using steering wheel paddles. These modes determine the level of deceleration from regenerative braking, allowing drivers to customize the vehicle’s performance to their preferences. Additionally, the EV6 features a special mode where the vehicle itself decides how much regen to use in particular situations, providing a seamless and intuitive driving experience.


While regenerative braking technology may take some time to get used to, many drivers come to appreciate its benefits over time. Not only does it improve the vehicle’s efficiency and range, but it also provides a smoother and more controlled driving experience. Overall, the Kia EV6’s advanced braking technology is just one of the many features that make it a standout option in the competitive electric vehicle market.


Kia EV6 Battery


The Kia EV6 offers impressive range capabilities, thanks to its advanced battery technology and efficient powertrain. With a larger battery pack, the EV6 can deliver even greater range than its smaller counterparts. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the 58-kWh battery pack provides an estimated range of 232 miles on the highway in RWD mode, while real-world testing has shown an actual range of 230 miles on a 75-mile course. The Wind model in RWD mode, equipped with a larger battery pack, has an EPA-estimated range of 310 miles.


In addition to its impressive range capabilities, the Kia EV6 also offers fast and efficient charging options. The vehicle’s batteries use a charging voltage of 800 volts, allowing for rapid charging times using a 350-kW fast charger. This charging rate can recharge the battery from 10 to 80 percent capacity in less than 18 minutes, providing up to 70 miles of range in just five minutes. The EV6 also comes equipped with an 11-kW onboard charger, which can fully charge the battery from 10 to 100 percent in just seven hours when connected to a Level 2 outlet.


Overall, the Kia EV6 offers an impressive combination of range and charging capabilities, making it a top contender in the competitive electric vehicle market. Whether you’re looking for a reliable daily driver or a long-range cruiser for road trips, the EV6 delivers impressive performance and efficiency in every category.


Kia EV6 Fuel Economy


Comparing the energy efficiency of electric vehicles like the Kia EV6 to traditional fuel-powered cars is an important consideration for many drivers. To make this comparison, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses a Miles Per Gallon equivalent (MPGe) measurement, which assumes that 33.7 kWh of electricity is equivalent to one gallon of fuel. As a result, an EV that requires 33.7 kWh to travel 100 miles has an MPGe of 100.


In terms of energy efficiency, the Kia EV6 offers impressive performance, with single-motor variants achieving a combined city and highway fuel economy of up to 117 MPGe. However, the addition of a second motor in dual-motor variants reduces energy efficiency, with these models achieving 116 MPGe in the city and 94 MPGe on the highway, for a combined total of 105 MPGe.


Overall, the Kia EV6 offers strong energy efficiency across its various trim levels, making it an attractive option for drivers seeking a sustainable and cost-effective mode of transportation. With advanced electric drivetrain technology and impressive range and charging capabilities, the EV6 delivers reliable performance and efficiency in every category.


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Kia EV6 Safety

The Kia EV6 is equipped with a range of advanced driver-assistance technologies designed to improve safety and provide a more enjoyable driving experience. Standard safety features include automated emergency braking and automatic high beams, while additional options are available for features such as blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, auto lane changing, lane-keeping assistance, and remote parking assistance.


In addition to these general safety features, the Kia EV6 also includes a range of proprietary driver-assistance technologies to enhance safety and driver confidence. These technologies include Highway Driving Assist 2, which features semi-autonomous adaptive cruise control to help navigate highways with greater ease and safety. Other safety features include Automated Emergency Braking (AEB) collision avoidance, Lane Follow Assist, and Safe Exit Assist, which provides warnings when there is a risk of collision with other vehicles or objects.


Overall, the Kia EV6 is designed to provide drivers with a range of advanced safety technologies to help them feel more confident and secure on the road. With its combination of standard and proprietary driver-assistance features, the EV6 delivers reliable performance and safety in every category.


Kia EV6 Warranty


One of the benefits of owning a Kia EV6 is the competitive warranty plan that comes with it. While Kia doesn’t offer complimentary scheduled maintenance like some other manufacturers, the EV6 does come with a range of warranties to protect your investment.


The Kia EV6 includes a limited warranty that covers five years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. This provides peace of mind for drivers knowing that any defects or issues that arise within the first few years of ownership will be covered by Kia.


Additionally, the EV6’s powertrain has its own warranty, which covers 10 years or 100,000 miles. This is an excellent level of coverage that reflects the confidence Kia has in the reliability and durability of its electric drivetrain technology.


In terms of corrosion protection and roadside assistance, the EV6 also provides ample coverage. Both of these warranties last for five years or 100,000 miles, providing additional protection and peace of mind for owners.


Overall, the Kia EV6’s warranty plan is competitive and provides excellent coverage for owners. With its long-term protection and high level of reliability, our review of EV6 proves to be smart choice for anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective electric vehicle.


Kia EV6 Buyer Checklist


If you’re considering purchasing a Kia EV6, it’s important to be well-prepared before making your final decision. To help with this, we’ve created a handy Kia EV6 Buyer Checklist that you can download and print to ensure that you have everything ready before, during, and after you pick up your new electric vehicle.


By following this checklist, you can feel confident that you’ve covered all the bases and are fully prepared to take the plunge into the world of electric vehicles. So download and print this checklist today and start your journey towards owning a Kia EV6!


Don’t forget to download the Kia EV6 Buyer Checklist here!

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