Podcast on Charging Your Electric Car

June 23, 2022
EV Universe
EV Universe

It’s time for the second episode of EV Universe’s podcast, Plug In For More! This episode is all about charging your electric car.


Mike, Bryant, and Tom are back to share their experience in what you need to know about charging your electric car. They cover a variety of topics, like batteries and driving range, level 1 vs level 2 vs level 3 chargers, and what to know about charging top brands like Tesla, Hummer, and Polestar.


Tom also shares an insightful story about how his internal combustion engine (ICE) car was running extremely low on gas. He didn’t know if there was enough gas to make it from his home to a gas station, but he decided to try. Unsuccessfully…


As such, Tom was stranded and in need of a ride to get back home. The gang agreed that having an electric car that displays your range to the exact mile, with the ability to charge right at home, would have helped him avoid this unfortunate event. Yet another benefit of having an electric vehicle!


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This podcast on charging your electric car digs deeper into other frequent questions like:

  • Does it take a lot longer to charge an electric vehicle than it takes to fill up a gas car?
  • Is it difficult to find a level 3 charger across the country for your electric car?
  • How long do you typically have to wait at a charging station to find an open charger?


Click on the play button below to enjoy this educational and entertaining podcast on charging your electric car:



Stay tuned for more episodes of Plug In For More!


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