Plug In For More: Podcast Introduction

June 12, 2022
EV Universe
EV Universe

Introducing Plug In For More, the EV Universe podcast featuring stories and educational content on electric cars.


The Plug In For More podcast is our way of connecting everyone through shared stories and educational content on electric cars as they become the gold standard going forward.


Join us for discussions on electric car technology, range, battery, charging, reviews, news, tax credit, and the comparison between electric car vs. gas car vs. hybrid car. Tune in to our electric car podcast and be part of the new wave of sustainable transportation.


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Join us for the premiere episode of the Plug In For More podcast, where we introduce you to the knowledgeable and dynamic team behind EVU. In this episode, we sit down with Mike, Bryant, and Tom to get to know them better and learn about their passion for electric cars.


Discover the fascinating world of electric cars with our podcast featuring firsthand accounts from experienced electric vehicle owners. Tune in to learn about their journey towards embracing this innovative technology and how it has changed their driving experience.


Hear their exhilarating stories of driving electric cars for the first time, including the sensation of pressing down on the accelerator pedal, and the humorous mishaps that may have resulted in the occasional speeding ticket or fender bender.


From start to finish, our podcast offers a wealth of insightful information and entertaining anecdotes that are sure to captivate and inspire listeners. Join us as we explore the exciting world of electric cars and the people who love them.


So don’t miss out – click below to listen now to the Plug In For More Podcast Introduction!



Don’t miss out on the latest episodes of our informative and entertaining podcast, Plug In For More!


Each episode delves into the world of electric cars, featuring expert insights, firsthand experiences, and practical tips for electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts. From the basics of electric car technology to in-depth discussions on the latest industry trends and innovations, our podcast has something for everyone.


Tune in to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of electric cars and discover how you can plug in for more sustainable, efficient, and exciting driving. Subscribe now to never miss an episode!


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