Podcast on All Electric vs Hybrid Vehicles

August 25, 2022
EV Universe
EV Universe

Welcome to another installment of EV Universe’s podcast, Plug In For More! In this episode, Mike, Bryant and Tom come together in a podcast on all electric vs hybrid vehicles.


There are some key differences between EVs and hybrids that one should consider when buying their next car. You might be surprised by what the group uncovers in this episode.


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Here’s a brief summary of the topics covered, along with timing to help you jump quickly to your spot of interest in the podcast:


  • 00:45 – Mike starts by sharing his take on driving an Audi E-Tron SUV
  • 03:10 – Bryant laments on the loss of the Felicity Ace (transatlantic vehicle transport ship)
  • 04:30 – The group discusses the Kia EV6
  • 10:20 – There is an interesting debate on solar installation
  • 16:16 – The topic of EVs vs plug-in hybrids is covered at length


Click on the play button below for this podcast on all electric vs hybrid vehicles:



Stay tuned for more episodes of Plug In For More!

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