Tesla Model 3 Highland Finally Released!

September 01, 2023
EV Universe
EV Universe

The Unveiling of Model 3’s “Highland” Refresh: Worth the Wait?


After months of speculation and buzz, Tesla has finally lifted the curtain on its newest iteration of the Model 3, codenamed “Highland.” But does this “Highland” refresh justify the anticipation, and will the new changes make a meaningful impact on the driving experience? Let’s break it down.


model 3 highland ext evu

A Fresh, Eye-Catching Exterior

Starting with aesthetics, the Highland update presents a more aggressive facade than its predecessor. The revised, narrower headlights, a front bumper that sheds the old “fish lip” appearance, and a redesigned taillight configuration make for compelling visual changes. But the real eye-catchers in the Highland refresh are the two new paint options: Flame Red and Starry Grey.


Interior: Where Silence is Golden

Dig deeper into the Highland refresh, and you’ll find that the real marvels are on the inside. Tesla asserts that this Highland version is engineered for 30% quieter road noise, accompanied by reduced cabin harshness over bumps. These improvements stem from a variety of modifications, such as new front suspension geometry, coilovers, and a wheel-and-tire combo that now offers 19-inch Nova Wheels and 18-inch Photon Wheels.


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More Than Just a Pretty Face: Interior Enhancements

But the Highland revamp doesn’t stop there. The interior boasts a range of additional features designed to enhance the ride. Perhaps the most polarizing change is the new stalk-less steering wheel. The in-cabin screen now shines brighter and performs more responsively than before. New perforated and ventilated seats promise increased comfort, and audiophiles will appreciate the upgraded sound system.



Range and Storage: Numbers That Impress

For the rear passengers, the Highland refresh includes a new screen similar to the one in the Model S. And speaking of numbers, Tesla has upped the range by 5-8%, depending on the model. Storage-wise, the Highland version offers a 5% increase in cargo space.


The Financial Aspect: Price vs. Value

But what about the price tag? With all these enhancements, the Highland Model 3 sees a price hike of about 10-12%, depending on the variant. While not insignificant, many may find the upgrades well worth the extra investment.


What’s Missing and What’s Next?

What’s still a mystery, though, is the absence of a performance version in this Highland update. Reports also indicate that the refreshed Highland Model 3 won’t reach U.S. and Canadian shores until early 2024.


Conclusion: A Comprehensive Upgrade

Having put multiple Model 3 variants through their paces over the years, it’s clear that the Highland refresh isn’t just a touch-up; it’s a thoughtful, comprehensive upgrade. While not a total redesign, this Highland refresh certainly seems like a step forward in the Model 3’s evolution.


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