Walk Around: 2022 BMW i4 M50

July 15, 2022
EV Universe
EV Universe

One of the best ways to research an electric vehicle is with a walk around YouTube video. Our readers asked, and EV Universe has answered. Here is our first walk around with the 2022 BMW i4 M50!



BMW i4 M50: Exterior

The BMW i4 M50 we got our hands on has a beautiful panama blue metallic exterior with a cognac interior. Details range from the wheels to m badging to various aspects of the trim level. The charge port on this model accepts a J1772 or or CCS1 for DC fast charging. 19 inch rims on this electric car typically give you 270 miles of range, while the 20 inch option will probably cut that range down a bit. Overall, this EV has beautiful lines and a sharp look we’ve all come to expect from BMW.


BMW i4 M50: Interior

If you have owned a BMW car before, you probably have high expectations for the interior build. The BMW i4 M50 does not disappoint. When it comes to tech, this model comes equipped with the idrive 8 system and a curved screen with climate control moved to the center display. The control panel offers standard functionality for audio control, device integration, drivetrain configuration, etc. It also offers customization options, like color control and iconic sound effects. We cover this and much more in the YouTube video.


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BMW i4 M50: Storage and Charging

Because the BMW i4 M50 was based off of the BMW 4 series gran coupe, it doesn’t have the best options for storage. Under the front hood, you’ll find an engine cover with light access to electrical components, but no room for storing items. On the other hand, the back provides a storage trunk that seems bigger than your typical car of this size. This electric car came with a level one charging cable with the ability to upgrade to level 2 charging with the purchase of an additional adapter available from BMW.


Walk Through Reaction

The EVU Hot Take: BMW did a great job with the i4 M50! Especially considering it’s not a ground up electric vehicle.  The quality, fit and finish and driving sensations hit all the BMW standards and more.  Fast and agile for such a heavy vehicle, daily driving of this car is a pleasure.  While steering is a bit muted compared to the full M cars, the i4 M50 hits a sweet spot for those looking to enjoy blazing acceleration, a comfortable ride and an incredible interior that will put others in this price category to shame.

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