Winning with Green Energy: Generation180 Ford F-150 Lightning Giveaway

July 14, 2023
EV Universe
EV Universe

Generation180 and its Mission

Shakaya Cooper, a member of Generation180, recently appeared on the “Plug In For More” podcast where she discussed the non-profit’s goal of promoting climate-friendly lifestyles and their exciting Ford F-150 Lighting Giveaway.


Currently, Shakaya Cooper is working as the Electrify Your Ride Program Associate at Generation180. This nationwide non-profit aims to inspire and equip people to use clean energy. Their main goal is to encourage the use of electric vehicles (EV) by teaching consumers and using ambassadors. In her year with the organization, Cooper’s work has made a big difference.


Shakaya Cooper EVU

Shakaya Cooper of Generation180

“Our mission is to inspire unequipped individuals to take action on clean energy,” Cooper stated, adding, “We definitely lean into shifting the current climate narrative.”


Changing the Narrative

The current climate narrative often leans towards the negative, or as Cooper put it, a “doom and gloom” mentality. By fostering positive discussions around the climate crisis, Generation180 strives to shift this narrative. The non-profit advocates for eco-friendly lifestyles and community initiatives. As part of their ‘Electrify Your Life’ program, they foster EV adoption, transforming individuals into clean energy ambassadors.


Cooper expressed pride in the positive response to their campaigns, stating:

“’We hear a lot of positive feedback about our campaigns, especially because we are spreading the good news about the climate and focusing on incredible opportunities.'”


Participating in the Climate-Friendly Movement

Cooper finds the most inspiring aspect of Generation180’s work is its emphasis on the role everyone can play in converting to a climate-friendly lifestyle. This can involve anything from choosing energy-efficient lightbulbs to switching to an electric vehicle from a gas-powered one.


The National Going Electric Pledge

For those ready to make the switch to EVs, Generation180 hosts the National Going Electric Pledge. Signing the pledge automatically enters you into a sweepstakes to win a Ford F-150 Lightning, an electric pick-up truck.


According to Cooper, the purpose of the pledge is as follows:

“’It’s for individuals pledging that their next car or truck will be an EV. You do not have to buy it tomorrow, or 2 months from now, or even 5 years from now. Just whenever you are in the market to purchase a car, that next car will be an EV.'”


Promoting Solar Power in Public Schools

Generation180’s initiatives extend beyond personal level actions. The non-profit has significantly contributed to helping public schools transition to solar power. Recently, they held the Clean Energy Schools Symposium. This March event gathered solar energy pioneers from various school divisions, aiming to inspire others to follow suit.


Engage with Generation180

Find Generation180 on their website and across social media at @generation180. Show your commitment to adopting an electric vehicle by signing their National Going Electric Pledge and get a chance to win a Ford F-150 Lightning.


The “Plug In For More” Podcast

Listen to the full discussion with Shakaya Cooper on the “Plug In For More” podcast, available below. In addition, check out our EV Review of the Ford F-150 Lightning, where we praise its impressive range and features.



Featured Image Courtesy of Ford Motor Company



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