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    Michael Dull President & CEO
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    Vinay Tannan COO
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    Tom Flitton Media Expert
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    Jen Robertson eCommerce Expert
  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones EV Expert/Educator
  • Derek  Kaufman
    Derek Kaufman Advisory Board Member
  • Rory Carroll
    Rory Carroll Advisory Board Member
  • Bryant Kolle
    Bryant Kolle Advisory Board Member

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  • Great company, great site and overall true experts!
    Lyle  Green
    Lyle Green Vice President of Sales Marketouch Media
  • The EV Universe website is so easy to use and full of great information!
    Anne  Hope
    Anne Hope Nurse Practitioner
  • EV Universe experts helped me buy my first EV, and I'm so glad they did!
    Richard   Marvin
    Richard Marvin Municipal Advisor