BMW i5 Sedan: Now with AirConsole In-Car Gaming Platform

May 27, 2023
EV Universe
EV Universe

The New BMW i5 Elevates Your Drive with a Unique Stationary Gaming Experience


BMW Group has partnered with the gaming platform AirConsole to introduce a novel in-car gaming experience in their new BMW 5 Series. For the first time, this partnership enables drivers and passengers to enjoy casual games while the vehicle is stationary, such as when waiting for the car to charge. In celebration of this launch, BMW Group presents a unique gaming-look BMW i5, further solidifying the integration of gaming in its vehicles.


BMW i5 AirConsole stock1 EVU


BMW i5 AirConsole Gaming Experience

The implementation of AirConsole in the BMW 5 Series is intuitive and user-friendly. Users activate the in-car gaming experience with their smartphone as a controller and the BMW Curved Display. To connect, they start the AirConsole app, scan a QR code on the Curved Display. The app supports multiple players, enabling rear passengers to join in during stops. Gaming allows flexible solo or competitive play for all vehicle occupants.


Game Variety

AirConsole focuses on casual games that are easy to understand and play. The game roster for the BMW 5 Series launch includes genres like racing, sports, quiz and music quiz games, as well as simulation, strategy, jump-and-run, and puzzle games. The initial portfolio includes about 15 titles such as “Go Kart Go”, “Golazo”, “Music Guess” and “Overcooked”. The available games will be expanded continuously.


Celebratory BMW i5

To commemorate the launch of in-car gaming, BMW Group showcases a BMW i5 wrapped in a unique gaming design. The design symbolizes an immersive gaming experience, with large pixels paying tribute to the classic 8-bit era of computer games. The color scheme reflects the variety of games available on the AirConsole platform, with elements of video game controllers wrapping around the i5, representing the unique in-car gaming solution where the smartphone becomes the controller.


BMW i5 AirConsole Expansion Plan

After its debut in the new BMW 5 Series, the AirConsole app will gradually be introduced in other BMW vehicles. This partnership signifies BMW’s commitment to enhancing in-car entertainment and its move towards integrating gaming technology as part of the driving experience.


For more information on the AirConsole app for the BMW i5 sedan, please visit the official BMW press release.



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