EV Universe Electric Newsletter #004

February 28, 2023
EV Universe
EV Universe

Welcome to the latest edition of the EV Universe Electric Newsletter #004, your go-to source for all things electric vehicles!


In each edition, we take a closer look at the exciting developments in the EV world and dive into the latest news and trends shaping the industry. From the latest makes and models to advancements in electrification, to innovative accessories and technologies, we’ve got you covered.


Join us on this journey. Let’s explore the future of sustainable transportation and its electrifying impact on our world. In this edition, we are covering electric vehicle plans of startup Fisker, lithium-air batteries, and VinFast discounts for first U.S customers.


“Electric Vehicle Startup Fisker on Track to Deliver Ocean SUV, Plans to Build More Than 40,000 Vehicles in 2023”

  • Fisker has spent less money in 2022 than expected and is on track to start delivering the Ocean SUV this spring, with plans to produce more than 40,000 vehicles through 2023, boosting investor confidence.
  • Fisker and its manufacturing partner, Magna International, have built 56 Ocean SUVs to date, of which 15 are completed by the end of 2022 and used for testing. Fisker expects to complete regulatory testing for the Ocean next month, and ramp up production and deliveries in the second quarter of 2023.
  • Fisker says the Ocean’s initial testing showed it has more range than expected, which could make it the longest-running SUV/crossover under $70,000 at launch. The base version of the Ocean has a range of about 250 miles and starts at $37,499, while the longer range versions start at around $50,000.
  • Fisker had about 65,000 bookings for Ocean as of February 24, up slightly from the 62,000 bookings reported in November 2022. The company is also making progress on its second model, the Pear, which is a smaller low-cost electric vehicle that will be built by Foxconn Technology Group in Ohio starting in 2024.
  • Despite reporting a net loss of $170.1 million in the fourth quarter, the company expects to spend between $535 million and $610 million in 2023.


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“New Lithium-Air Battery Quadruples Energy Density, Could Revolutionize Electric Cars”

  • Researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have developed a lithium-air battery that has four times the energy density of a lithium-ion battery, This type of battery can greatly expand the operating range of electric cars.
  • Lithium-air batteries could help reduce range anxiety, a significant barrier to widespread use of electric vehicles, and could be used to power planes and trucks long way in the near future.
  • The current electric car’s ability to cover 150 to 300 miles on a single charge isn’t enough for many drivers, especially on long journeys, leading to concerns about range and impact. negative impact on the use of electric cars.
  • The new lithium-air battery uses a solid electrolyte consisting of a ceramic polymer material that enables chemical reactions to produce lithium oxide, a major technological breakthrough. It works with oxygen from the surrounding environment, eliminating the need for an oxygen tank.
  • The researchers’ lithium-air batteries performed well in tests, showing stability over repeated charge and discharge cycles, and were free of electrolyte safety concerns. liquid, which can catch fire. With further development, this battery could achieve a record energy density of 1200 watt-hours/kg, almost four times better than lithium-ion batteries.


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“VinFast reduces rental price of VF8 electric crossover for first US customers by over 50%”

  • Vietnamese electric vehicle maker VinFast has reduced the rental price of the VF8 electric crossover by more than 50% for its first customers in California, with deliveries beginning on March 1, 2023.
  • VinFast’s VF8 all-electric crossover was originally offered with a monthly payment of $599 for 24 months, but the company has now advertised a monthly rental price of $399 on its website and offers an additional discount of up to $274 to California customers that have paid a refundable deposit for the vehicle.
  • The rental reduction is part of VinFast’s efforts to offer many incentives and benefits to attract new customers and build customer loyalty when entering the crowded and competitive electric vehicle market of the United States.
  • VinFast is a subsidiary of Vietnam’s Vingroup JSC and plans to launch electric vehicles in other markets around the world, including Europe and Australia.
  • VinFast’s VF8 City Edition has two versions, Eco and Plus, with a travel range of 207 miles and 191 miles, respectively. The company has filed for an initial public offering in the United States and plans to build an electric vehicle assembly plant in North Carolina.
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