Podcast on Self Driving in Electric Cars

August 03, 2022
EV Universe
EV Universe

Let’s get into the next episode of EV Universe’s podcast, Plug In For More! In this episode, Mike, Bryant and Tom come together in a podcast on self driving.


But first, we get into things you want to think about when it comes to EV rental cars. Electric vehicles are flying off the rental lot these days. If you’re going to try one though, it requires a bit of education on how the electric vehicle works, where to charge, and what your range will be.


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Shifting gears, the team digs deeper into self driving. They cover various topics including:


  • Lane keep assist, autopilot, and various iterations of self driving
  • How self driving technology stacks up across different makes and models
  • Shadow braking and how EV makers are actively working to address this
  • The different options for self driving offered in Tesla models


Click on the play button below for this podcast on self driving:



Stay tuned for more episodes of Plug In For More!

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