Rivian Delivery Timing Estimator is Coming!

October 01, 2022
EV Universe
EV Universe

Are you one of us who pre-ordered a Rivian? Well, then you’re probably curious about Rivian delivery timing and when you’ll actually get your EV.


Big news on that topic. It turns out that a Rivian delivery timing estimator is set to hit user accounts later this month!


This is great for potential new owners. They will now have insight into not only their Rivian delivery timing but also when deliveries for new options will begin.  See the official letter Rivian sent to reservation holders below.


We’ll provide new updates on Rivian as they come up. Be sure to circle back to our blog for more EV insights!


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Rivian Delivery Timing 1 EVU


Rivian Delivery Timing Estimate Letter

Rivian Delivery Timing EVU


Hi ———–,


To provide more visibility into your preorder’s status and help you better plan for delivery, we’ll be adding your delivery timing estimate to your Rivian Account in late October. We appreciate your patience while we’ve built out this new functionality.


Delivery timing estimates are based on your original preorder date, delivery location and your saved configuration. For this initial update, we will use your preorder information as of October 16th to calculate your estimate. Your estimate should appear in your Account at the end of the month. We will share details of how the Account updates will work moving forward when the feature launches next month.


As we continue making updates and additions to our product line, we will do our best to indicate when deliveries for new options will begin. It’s worth reiterating that changing your configuration will almost always result in a change to your delivery timing estimate. We plan production several months out, batching groups of similarly configured vehicles to be built in succession. This approach improves predictability with our supply chain and allows us to build more vehicles. We want you to choose the Rivian vehicle that’s perfect for you, and while it’s possible your estimate could shift for other reasons, it’s important to underscore the impact changes have on your delivery timing estimate.


Many of you have requested this feature and our team is excited to deliver it. We look forward to you seeing it next month.


Tony Caravano
Head of Rivian Customer Engagement




File:Debut of the Rivian R1T pickup at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, November 27, 2018.jpg” by Richard Truesdell is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 

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