Toyota bZ4X EV Promising but Bumpy Start

August 14, 2022
EV Universe
EV Universe

Most of the general public are familiar with popular electric vehicles on the market from Tesla, Kia, BMW, and others. Only recently did we see the emergence of the Toyota bZ4X 2023. This electric SUV is the first pure EV offered by Toyota to date.


The bZ4X was first formally announced in a press release from November 17th, 2021. While Toyota has been in the electrified vehicle game for years with a suite of electric hybrid vehicles, the bZ4X would be their first release in an anticipated line of pure battery electric vehicles.


Getting to Know the Toyota bZ4X EV

Fast forward to April 2022 when pricing dropped for the Toyota bZ4X at $42,000 for the base XLE model. More details were provided on options of this electric SUV, such as finishes, seats and AWD. The EV was expected to be available later in the Spring season.


Where did the unusual name come from, by the way? This Car and Driver article astutely points out that “Toyota says bZ stands for ‘beyond Zero’ emissions, the 4 indicates the vehicle’s size, and X denotes its SUV body style.” You can find a host of great information on the first look at the Toyota bZ4X in that same article, such as the drivability, acceleration, specifications, charging, and more.


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Recall on Toyota bZ4X Underway

In the early summer of 2022, unfortunately, things weren’t going quite as planned. A recall was issued on Toyota bZ4X electric SUVs over the possibility of wheels falling off the vehicle. Electrek indicates that this recall “affects 2,200 going to Europe, 260 to the US, 110 in Japan, and 20 to Canada.”


Not an ideal start for an industry leader making their foray into the pure battery electric vehicle market. That said, according to CNN, this issue applies to only 260 bZ4X owners that have already received their car. It seems that Toyota caught the problem before a large number of customers who placed orders for the electric SUV actually received it. Furthermore, Toyota is offering buyback options and partial refunds to try it make it right.


Next Steps for the Toyota bZ4X

While the recall of the bZ4X is certainly not a good thing, the major auto manufacturer tried to handle the situation as best as they could. Entering a new product or service line is never easy. Toyota had massive success over the years with hybrids – Prius, Corolla, Camry, etc. Clearly they intend to deliver on EVs successfully as well going forward.


As for the future of Toyota bZ4X? While this was a setback, expect a resolution and ramp-up of vehicle production and sales through the end of this calendar year. This electric SUV boasts promising features that come at an attractive price point. We’ll keep an eye out for news in the months to come.


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