Battery Health Solved

91% of customers who want an EV agree that their #1 concern is the health of the battery.
EV and hybrids trade-ins are very difficult to value without an accurate health assessment of their battery.  Inaccurate value assessment can risk margin loss, inaccurate retail pricing, and risk your reputation with your customers..
The vsNEW technology provides instant solutions with a battery reader that can give you a full health report in a matter of minutes for 37+ EV models, and many more to come.

Game changer!
Stay ahead of the competition and provide your customers the peace of mind of informed decisions.


How it Works

  • Sign Up

    by creating an account and requesting the product.

  • Welcome Package

    vsNEW will send you a welcome package with the following components:

    • – vsNEW device
    • – Extension cable
    • – Lever Tool
    • – Adapter (when applicable for Tesla Models)

  • Plug In and Learn!

    Follow the instructions provided for each vehicle and plug into the diagnostic port (OBDII) for a full report.

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