A Dealer Perspective on Electric Vehicles Podcast

October 11, 2022
EV Universe
EV Universe

Welcome to another installment of EV Universe’s podcast, Plug In For More! In this episode of Plug In For More, we host Sean Turner from Serra Buick GMC Cadillac and Kia in Michigan for a dealer perspective on EVs.


Sean brings an insider view on how the industry continues to evolve with an increasing emphasis on electric vehicles. In this episode, Sean and the gang cover a range of topics including:


  • The learning curve for dealers getting up to speed with new makes and models
  • The profile of buyers looking for ICE vehicles versus electric cars
  • Common misconceptions and questions that beginners often have about EVs
  • Advice for someone wanting to buy a Kia EV6 right now
  • How the Inflation Reduction Act affects a buyer’s ability to get EV tax credits
  • And much more!


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We’re grateful to Sean for participating in this fantastic interview. Click on the play button below for this podcast episode featuring a dealer perspective on electric vehicles:



Stay tuned for more episodes of Plug In For More!

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